sorrento giardini produzione arance, mandarini, limoni e clementine


Data and pie chart


It is well known that agriculture is strictly connected to biological processes, so is subordinated to the laws and the conditions of the Nature.

The majority of agricultural activities are open-air and dependent on weather and climate trends (the productions are periodic and perishable, their quantity and quality levels are unplanned, etc…).
Nevertheless, Mauro family and its company can count on approximately 150 hectars along the Ionian coast from Ginosa (Puglia) to Marconia (Basilicata) but also on the supply given by other companies managed by qualified and experienced staff, in order to guarantee production and supply all year long.

Agronomists punctually control the whole production, for which is used the Integrated pest management.

The production is usually around 2000 tons both for home-grown production, and for the one obtained from other farms and consists of oranges, clementines, lemons, tangerines and miyagawas.

Even if production and sale can change, the annual percentage is approximately the following:

  • oranges 45%
  • clementines 25%
  • tangerines 10%
  • lemons 15%
  • Miyagawa 5 %

Our company, really customer oriented, works in full compliance with agronomic procedures by managing the supply chain according to the European viewpoint and the certification Globalgap.