“OVALE” Orange


This citrus, called “ovale or calabrese”, is an old variety of most high-quality blond Italian orange, little known and little marketed because of the high cost of production. It is cultivated in Calabria between the end of March and June.

This orange lends itself to a variety of uses: table fruit, for juicing, to make desserts, jams, candied citrus, etc…(this fruit is subject to regreening)



Period: from March to June
Origin: Calabria – ITALY
Shape: elongated oval
Peel: golden-yellow with medium or smooth texture
Pulp: yellow-orange, average texture, very juicy with high level of sugars and acidity. Small amount of seeds.
Juice: yield 40%
Calibre: 8,6,4
Packing materials: cardboard, plastic and wood
Manufacturing: mechanical and manual with leaf