sorrento giardini azienda




Sorrento Giardini Snc di Mauro Angelo e C. takes its origin from the years passed among the “Sorrento terraces”, where small and fruitful plots still called “giardini” (gardens), give it the name and three generations experience in the field of citrus culture.

Thanks to its experience in citrus culture and proud of the results obtained in the last fifty years, Sorrento Giardini Snc di Mauro Angelo e C. has a direct citrus production both in the Sorrento Coast, and in their own farm of approximately 150 hectars along the Ionian coast from Ginosa (Puglia) to Marconia (Basilicata), and works with loyal companies in Calabria.

During the primary processing, our company works directly in the production area; later, it works in the Agribusiness Center of Naples for the preparation (cleaning, selection, calibration, storage, packaging) and sorting of citrus.

Here there is a big warehouse equipped for citrus production with machineries and refrigerating rooms, by guaranteeing reliability and professionalism. Today Sorrento Giardini represents one of the best companies in the fields of citrus production, manufacturing and sale 365 days a year, guaranteeing quality and freshness.