Sorrento Giardini supply chain

Our first task is the quality, in all the aspects of a good and serious organization, starting from the first stage of the production to the last one, the packaging, in order to satisfy the specific demands of the customers.
Thanks to versatile machineries, systems and equipments, Sorrento Giardini can increase productivity and is always ready to accept new ideas coming from the market trends or from particular requests by always more hard to please customer.
Another effort of the company is the one concerning the analysis and loyalty of the producers and the production areas, even by using GlobalGAP certification, in order to guarantee from the very beginning, good agricultural practices by respecting current regulations.
The coordination of food safety supply chain is managed by the technical office, made up by qualified professionals, that ensure an internal control together with an active management of track and trace system in compliance with the current regulation as an essential instrument for safety and full transparency of the productive process.

It is an alphanumeric code composed of reference document (transport document/invoice), reference current year, the correspondent article (e.g. AL= Lane-Late Oranges) and supplier code. This lot is written on the label and in accounting records.