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In order to guarantee the customer satisfaction for every need, Sorrento Giardini snc di Mauro Angelo e C., offers a reliable and customizable service for production and packaging of citruses to meet specific customer demands. From production to packaging and sale, the farm guarantee the highest quality for all the products. The farm has a specialized production system, tested for the following types of packaging: wooden/plastic/carton packing box and green materials, reusable, recycling packaging or collapsible sides box as CPR, IFCO, POLYMER, thanks to the experience of past generations that gives an impeccable package for all the products.
Productive capacity of manufactured and packaged products
Our productive capacity expresses the potential daily production we can guarantee, expressed in packages per day or europallet.
Nowadays the company can produce about 2000 packages per day, that is about 25 tons. Vertbag sacks packaging integrate the range offered by the farm.